Strategy on Club Sector: An Application of the Zaccarelli and Fischmann Model Application at a Sports and Entertainment Club in Minas Gerais

Ronaldo Gomes Faria, Gustavo Quiroga Souki, Fernanda Carla Wasner Vasconcelos, Ary José Rocco Júnior


For organizations to remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to identify and adopt strategies appropriate to the operating environment. Minas Tênis Clube, the object of this study, adopted a series of strategies from 1980 to 2013 that were analyzed in the light of the work of Zaccarelli and Fischmann (1994). In order to reach this objective, a bibliographical research was carried out considering the main concepts related to the themes of strategy, client and market. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 25 randomly chosen volunteers who had one or more of the following relationships with Minas Tênis Clube: partner or adviser, director, employee, representative of state or municipal public authority, partner company, supplier, athlete or former athlete. After saturation, these contents were submitted to content analysis according to Bardin. Generic Strategies (GS) can be adopted in a variety of ways and in various combinations, by all organizations, regardless of their size or the market in which they operate, expanding their operations or recovering lost customers or niches. This article aimed to identify and analyze the GS adopted in the management of the MTC in the last three decades, based on the model proposed by these authors. The results showed that the GS of Adaptation, Cooperation, Product-Market Differentiation and Opportunity were adopted in the management of this Club and were the most relevant in the period studied.


Management; Strategy; Club; Sports


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